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Our complete range - SSR with diagnostics

Our power SSRs with diagnostics SOD and SILD give the status of the SSR and the load (resistive load) without external power supply. This range is patented. Status output can be chained.

Fault condition alarms:
– Line or load open
– Short circuit output

ESUC module is an option available for the celpac 2G range. Mounted on SU or SUL, this module provides users with diagnostic information for up to 5 heating elements in parallel.
– Permanent load current monitoring
– Current teaching function by push button or external logic input
– One alarm threshold : – 16% of Iteach
– Partial load break detection
– Open mains detection
– Open load detection
– Detection of short-circuited SSR

ECOM module is the most compact solution available on the market that incorporates the latest measuring and control technology. Pluggable on a celduc® relais SSR type SU and SUL, it can answer the needs of cost reduction of electrical cabinets (smaller), PLC (less analogue and digital I/O’s) and wiring (bus communication).
– Temperature controller with thermocouple input, loop and heater break alarms, heating and cooling PID autotuning …
– Current monitoring and alarms up to 50A with current transformer (CT)
– RS485 communication with MODBUS RTU (others on request)
– J, K, T, E thermocouples

Auxiliary output for cooling, alarm or 3 phase application control.

The control accuracy can fit requirements of various application fields like extrusion or injection plastic moulding, packaging, drying ovens, glass tempering furnaces, semiconductor industry ovens and dryers, reflow soldering machines, cooking ovens, ….

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