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Our complete range - Three Phase SSR

celduc® relais offers a wide range of solid-state relays for controlling three-phase loads.

  • SHT range : designed in a single low profile package – this range of three-phase AC solid-state relays is designed to provide control of medium power in three-phase applications.
  • SGB and SMB ranges : 2 leg three-phase SSRs
  • SGT 2G range (2nd generation) : cel3pac range is a standard three phase range  with different connections available  for power wiring (with screws connection or spring terminals) and for control wiring (with screws connection or with 4 pins pluggable spring connector)
  • SMT range : sightpac range is a compact 45mm version
  • Three-phase contactors  : “ready to use” versions with heatsink are available

These products are manufactured in compliance with major international standards UL/CSA/cUL, CE & RoHS.

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Three-phase SSR - 2nd generation

Three-phase SSR - 1st generation

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