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We’ve been making it happen for more than 30 years. Globale Reps is a manufacturer’s rep agency serving the electrical & mechanical industries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana & Alaska. Our professionals help you find a solution to your project challenges & needs. Let our experience work for you!

celduc® Solid State Relays (SSRs) are widely used across the food industry because of their ability to function seamlessly in harsh environments (dust, gas, shocks and vibrations). SSRs are electronic and have no mechanical moving parts, so they have a longer service life than EMRs. In addition, SSRs’ semiconductor-based design makes them environmentally safe, which means they can be used in a wide range of applications including: ovens, fast food equipment, coffee machines, etc.

celduc® offers a complete range of solutions for packing and packaging machines: Solid State Relays for temperature control, AC/DC motor reversers and soft-starters, magnetic proximity sensors for position, presence, level and speed detection.

With engineering expertise, we’re equipped to be involved from inception to completion and commissioning the project our customers envision. Globale Reps takes pride in forming partnerships with our customers.

Our reason to exist is to support customers with a commitment towards continuous improvements of the performance of their technological processes ensuring continuity, sustainability and maximum value.