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New England Marketplace

The New England marketplace is made up of a healthy balance of a number of key verticals including companies in the Medical, Industrial, IOT, Robotics, Test & Instrumentation, Data Storage and Mil-Aero and Consumer Electronics industries, all contributing to what is clearly an eclectic and thriving electronics marketplace. Norris & Associates represents a well-balanced product set with the synergy for extensive account penetration and the leading edge products and technologies giving us early access to our customers’ design teams.

Norris & Associates added-value

Norris & Associates brings design support resources to their customers, becoming a trusted partner as they support your needs from design inception, throughout launch and volume production and throughout the life of your program.

celduc relais has always the same ambition : bringing excellence in the solid state relays world.

celduc relais Solid State Relays are based on a unique design of thyristor chips mounted on substarte, connected together and soldered on an aluminium base in a 100% automated and oxygen free process. THE RESULT : our SSRs withstand more current than the others, have a better thermal derating, and last 50% linger (at least).

Just try them : you will not get rid of our relays easily.

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