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Company Introduction

Northern California-based professional sales company Dynamic Measurement & Control Solutions Dynamic collaborates with transportation, manufacturing, and industrial OEMs among other sectors.

We are a group of product specialists looking for direction through the electrical component market in order to solve unique and challenging applications. We have extensive industry knowledge and a wealth of resources thanks to our more than 40 years of experience.

Our company’s future growth and success are directly related to our customers’ success. Dynamic is dedicated to offering our customers value-driven, innovative solutions to their problems. We are committed to supporting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of all sizes and types by providing both standard electrical components and custom-engineered goods.

Why should you hire Dynamic to help with your next project?

We Stay Current on New Product Developments and Sourcing Trends Exclusive Alliances with Top Manufacturers Technology Identification, Evaluation, and Consultation Innovative, Value-Driven Solutions for Your Project Implementation and Installation Assistance Product Training and Support After Implementation Hardworking, Reliable, and Trustworthy

Solid State Relays

Solid state relays have no moving parts to wear out, and therefore no contact bounce issues. They switch on and off much faster than a mechanical relays armature can move. SSR’s require very low to zero voltage to turn-on and can turn off with no current present which eliminates electrical noise and transients. The Celduc brand of SSR has several advantages due to a thoughtful design, high quality of materials, and the manufacturing process. Some of the unseen benefits of a Celduc relay include a longer service and creating safe operating conditions during failure.

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Magnetic proximity sensors

Magnetic proximity sensors from Celduc can be used for counting or to indicate presence and position of items that can change a magnetic field. Typically they are found on automated machines and manufacturing systems. They are widely used in equipment for packaging, production, printing, plastic molding, metal working, and food processing. Celduc magnetic proximity sensors offer the following advantages; completely sealed, maintenance free, easy to operate, small sizes, and they can be made with special materials to assure long life in your application.

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Reed relays and switches

Celduc reed switches are a popular choice for low-power circuit design because of their simplicity and reliable performance. The reed switch is an electrical switch that is opened and closed by applying a magnetic field. The Celduc devices require very low current to operate are highly accurate and very reliable. The reed switch is hermetically sealed from the outside environment and has very little mechanical wear when operated (millions of operations). Typical applications where you find reed switches are automotive safety devices, medical equipment, security, utility metering, consumer electronics, and white goods/appliances.

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