EU Declaration of Conformity available for download on

CE Marking (“Conformité Européenne” meaning European Conformity) is a certification mark mandatory for all products placed on the market in the European Economic Area. For the protection of the consumer or user, the EC Directives stipulate that products may only be brought onto the market if they comply with essential requirements of safety, health and with the essential protection objectives of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). So this certification signifies that the product conforms with high safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

Our products have been tested and conform to European Standards, ensuring that they are safe to use and fit for purpose.

Where can you find the CE Declaration of Conformity for our products ?

All our products comply with the main European CE marking directives.

The Declaration of Conformity is a legal Document which must be applied to all CE Marked products sold in the European Union. It is a one page certificate that guarantees our product meets the requirements of the directives.

You can find and download the CE Declaration of conformity on each product web page available on

1- In the search area, type the part number you are looking for, then select “enter” or click on the search symbol to launch the search

2- In the results table, select “CE Certificate” in the “Downloads” column


2- OR when entering to the product page select “CE Certificate” in the “Attachments” area

Can a company self make a CE certificate ?

As the name implies, self-certification means the manufacturer is assessing the conformity of  products itself : carrying out a conformity assessment, setting up a technical file, issuing a declaration of conformity, and affixing the CE mark logo to the products. Equipment that is not classified as high-risk do not require a notified body.

Furthermore having the VDE certification ease the process : Information on CE marking and on the EU Declaration of Conformity are based on testing services and certificates of the VDE Testing and Certification Institute.

Which information do you find on a CE certificate of conformity ?

Here is this information included in our Certificate of Conformity:


  1. Models / Series of the products subject to the CE Declaration of Conformity (One certificate can sometimes cover more than one product).
  2. Name/address of manufacturer
  3. List of relevant directives / List of standards used, with dates + amendment (regulations, directives, and standards to which the product is certified to confirm).
  4. Specific statement / additional information
  5. Date / Name and position of person signing / Signature

If you have any questions regarding these certificates or the technical specification for any of our products please contact our Technical Department.