Flat Panel Display Market

LCDs find application in a wide range of devices such as smartphones, notebooks, televisions, curved TVs, tablets, digital signage and offer various other benefits with regard to performance and lightweight properties. These displays have higher resolution and more portable than traditional televisions and monitors ; they can produce high-quality digital images.

What are the trends in this market?

What are the trends in the flat panel display market ?

Flat Panel Display Market Is Booming Worldwide

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in early 2020, the flat-panel display (FPD) market was gloomy. Oversupply, falling prices and losses were the common themes in the market.

It’s been a different story during the outbreak. In 2020, the FPD market rebounded. In the stay-at-home economy, consumers went on a buying spree for monitors, PCs, tablets and TVs. As a result, demand for displays exploded. And shortages soon surfaced for display driver ICs and other components.
2021 is expected to be another boom year, but the party may be over in 2022. The global flat panel display market is expected to jump 28% in 2021 to reach a record high of $ 151 billion. A performance drawn more by old LCD screens (liquid crystal display) than Oled screens.

Chinese flat-panel maker to surpass LG as world’s largest

In 2019 State-backed Chinese manufacturer BOE Technology Group has outstripped South Korea’s LG Display as the top maker of flat-panel displays this year, marking China’s growing dominance in the field. In 2021, another Chinese, CSOT, will climb to second place according to DSCC, and in 2024, a third Chinese, HKC, will climb to the third step of the podium.

What are the future opportunities in the flat panel display market?

Increasing use of flat panel display in healthcare industry is creating opportunities for manufacturers as the demand for high-pixel density display for diagnostic in healthcare is increasing. The demand is increasing for new surgical platforms that consists of ultra-high level of brightness to avoid glare and reflection in high light environment so there are opportunities for manufacturers to develop these platforms.

Manufacturing of flat panel displays

Solid State Relays are used for heating and process control for flat panel display manufacturing :

Pre Bake Oven

Hot air Oven System for the hardening process of substrate

Screen coating to protect the screen against scratches, touch, reflection, … this coating is applied to the substrate in liquid form and then cured in large oven. One problem with preferred coating compositions is that the temperature can not be tolerated by the glass substrate of the screen panel. For example one protective coating composition cures at about 800°C and the maximum temperature the glass substrate can withstand is about 550°C before it brings thermal damage. To compensate, the protective coating is “cured” in an oven set at a temperature lower than specified but for an extremely long period of time.

Heat treatment after coating : after coating the screen is put in a large chamber for heat treatment 250°C ± 3°C. There are around 5 heaters beams, each one controlled in temperature to insure the right temperature (± 3°C).

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