5 questions to Gil Battistin, General Manager of celduc inc.

In 2020, celduc® relais has opened its US sales and marketing office “ celduc® Inc ” based in Chicago, IL.

Gil Battistin is celduc® Inc.’c new General Manager. We interviewed him to find out more about him, his professional career and his future plans within the company.

On behalf of all the members and the management, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes!!
What are your initial plans to handle this challenge?

I look forward to meeting and spending some time with my colleagues in France so as to learn more about the celduc® product line and its technical benefits. I plan to get a good overview on the type of customers where we have been successful so as to replicate some of this success in North America. I’ll also be using my past experience with customers in the rail industry and introduce them to celduc’s SSR’s and Sensor products.

What are your first impressions?

I have an excellent first impression of the company!

All the colleagues that I’ve met have been very helpful in getting me the information that I need to be productive as quickly as possible. They have made themselves available as I scheduled our initial videoconferencing sessions and they were open to spending time to show me their areas of expertise.

celduc® has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer who is focused on developing high reliability products with a long useful life. The good news is that sales team has already built up some business in the Americas that I will build and expand on. This will help greatly in developing the Celduc brand awareness in North America.

What have you done professionally so far?

I have an engineering background and originally started in product marketing and technical sales of electromechanical products. Over time, added business administration to my knowledge base and became responsible for the marketing and sales of semiconductor products at several large industrial distributors. After some time in the distribution world, I moved to an OEM who manufactured products primarily for the rail industry. After a few years, I joined the management team of the company’s North American subsidiary and helped develop and grow their business in both the rail and industrial market segments. I plan to use my past experience to grow Celduc’s sales in many of the same markets.

What are your objectives with this new opportunity with celduc?

First of all, we need to expand our market coverage and reach more customers. Our best way to do this in a market like North America where the geography is very large is to partner with Manufacturers Representatives and Distributors. We have already begun to do this and have expanded the number in both of these categories.

Secondly, we want customers to be able to find us on the web so we have made some investments in Search Engine Optimization and improving our visibility through various search engines.

Finally, we also want to leverage our success in Europe and in Asia and translate this info similar successes in North America. We want to be sure to highlight to our Manufacturers Rep network and Distributors the type of accounts where we have been successful so that they can go after the same type of accounts.

Generally speaking, what is your guiding-philosophy in business, and indeed life?

I’m open minded and like to learn new things. As a result, I always enjoy meeting new customers and learning about their applications. I like to build up a business and work with people who are motivated to succeed. With the support I’m getting from Celduc Relais and our North American partners, I’m confident that we are well on our way to achieving our goals.

Thanks Gil for your time to answer these questions.