Optional Module ESUC 

ESUC base is an option available for the celpac® 2G range.

 Current monitoring modules

This optional module is pluggable directly on SU / SUL / SUM Solid State Contactor and permanently measures the load current.

Esuc on SUL

ESUC bouton poussoir

This is possible to make a diagnostic up to 5 heating elements in parallel.

The current value is compared to a reference value which has been stored during initialisation by means of the “Teach “ push button or “external Teach” input.

 Teaching pushbutton, 2 functions :

1-TEST MODE : Allows to test the system SSR and load by forcing of the SSR input control (Press for max. 2 sec)

2-TEACH MODE : Allows to measure and record the preset load current “Iteach” (Press for more than 3 sec). Teach mode must done at steady state. The quick Led flashing indicates that recording is complete and you can release.

If the current varies outside the reference value, the module detects a fault (partial load fault or overload).

At the same time, the module monitors a network failure (no current with control) or a thyristor fault (current without control).

The failures detected are as follows :

Possible detections :

-Open Load

-Open Mains

-Partial load break

-SSR Short-circuited

-Overload  (partial load short-circuit)

Failure detected

In case of a failure, the output status indicates a problem after a small delay (100ms max).

Different configurations and status are visualised by 3 LEDs.

ESUC Led controls

celduc’s part numbers

Modul Esuc


We are offering 3 different versions :

  • ESUC0450 – 2-40A / 8-30VDC – 1 alarm threshold : 0,84*Iteach (–16%)
  • ESUC0480 – 2-40A / 24-45VDC – 2 alarm thresholds : 0,84*Iteach (–16%) and 1,16*Iconsigne (+16%)
  • ESUC0150 – 1-10A / 8-30VDC – 1 alarm threshold : 0,84*Iteach (–16%)

Why choosing celduc’s current monitoring function ?

  • Applications where loads are switched frequently (ex: thermoset molding)
  • Real-time control of the correct operation of your installation
  • To detect load failures, blown fuses, heat zones status, as well as damaged and interrupted SSRs
  • With its 22.5 mm width, the space requirement is minimal.

For more information about its installation and uses, please watch our new tutorial video :