Solid State Relays with Fast-On terminals for fast connections !

A Fast-On terminal is an easy-to-use clip connection, without the use of screws.
These products are suitable for currents up to 25A (15A for 4.8mm terminals and 25A for 6.3mm terminals according to IEC62314).

celduc® relais offers single phase, two-phase and four-leg power Solid Sate Relays with Fast-On terminals.

Why using Fast-On Terminals ?

Using Solid State Relays with Fast-On connections has the following benefits :

  • Low cost terminals
  • Plug-in time : simple, quick and without special tools (Fast on !)
  • Reliable connections for low currents
  • No need for preventative electrical maintenance (tightening of connections)


Technical limits to be taken into consideration

limit faston

Tabs dimensions

celduc® relais is offering the most popular tabs are

-6,35 mm (0,25 inch.)

Faston 6,35 mm


-and 4,75 mm (0,187 inch.)

faston 475 mm

For which applications ?

Solid State Relays with Fast-On terminals are widely used in the food & beverage industry as well as in home appliances (coffee machines, toasters, …).

Due to their good vibration resistance,  Solid State Relays with Fast-On terminals are often used in the railway industry.

They can also be used with any type of load, such as heating or controlling single phase asynchronous motors.

celduc® range of Faston Terminals SSRs

celduc® relais offers a wide range of Solid State Relays with Fast-On terminals :

SF5 : Miniature relays which save space in your control panels

A solution that occupies only 30% of the space of standard hockey puck SSRs


SCFL : EMC optimized Solid State Relays (low electromagnetic emission)

The range complies with the EN 50081-1 standard (Electromagnetic compatibility / Generic emission standard / Residential, commercial and light industry)


SCF : AC Single-Phase Fast-On SSRs in a classic hockey puck package, suitable for standard industrial loads (AC-51)


SP7/SP8 : Solid State Relays suitable for all kinds of loads


In a full plastic case, these relays can switch up to 12 A AC51.

This range is appropriate for any type of loads (such as heating or single-phase random motor) thanks to high immunity components and an integrated overvoltage protection combined with 800Vpeak power components.

celduc® relais offers both Zero-cross relays (zero voltage control) or random relays (instantaneous control).

SOB5 : Two-phase Solid State Relays

SOB544330 and SOB564330  have power connection by 6.3mm FASTON terminals with IP20 protection and Double input with connector for ribbon wire cable.

SOB542460 and SOB562460  have power and control connections by FASTON terminals

SCQ : Four-leg power Solid State Relays

With this range you have four Solid State Relays in a standard hockey puck package !

Flexible solutions :

A power connection kit with Fast-On lugs is available and can be mounted on our standard ranges of Solid State Relays with screw connections.

Precautions for use :

There are different qualities of Faston terminals on the market with more or less high contact differences that can vary during their aging.
The quality of the terminal as well as the crimping is very important : poor quality can lead to abnormal overheating which can lower the lifespan of the relay.