Three-phase SSR 2nd generation vs Three-phase SSR 1st generation

In 2017 celduc®relais has launched its new range of three-phase SSRs.

Superior design, easy to install and optimum lifespam are delivered with this new generation (2G) of three-phase Solid state Relays.

In this article you will better understand the differences between 1st generation and 2nd generation : don’t wait any longer to move to 2G version !

Reminder :

SGT 2G range

1- IP20 protection

IP20 protection is in standard for our new three-phase range cel3pac, thanks to their removable flaps.

ip20 FLAPSip 20 finger test

2- Higher size power connections

With our new range of 3-phase SSRs, celduc is offering larger power connections : up to 50mm² (AWG1)

câblage normal câblage spécifique cablage large

3- New connection type : spring connectors for easy and fast connections

With this new cel3pac range, celduc relais offers different types of connections :

celpac 2g

What are the advantages of the “Push-In” Connection

  • Simple connection without physical constraint and  without tools
  • Fast wiring, even in tight spaces

Wiring 100% secure, 70% faster : Time saving

4- Improved connections to increase switching current limits

Thermal current limit : 3x64A AC-51 /  3x32A AC-53

In comparison to our previous generation limited at 50A

5- Low profile

Height 34.5mm instead of 40mm

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