The Medical Industry – Our solutions

Make sure that your healthcare equipment is reliable by using dependable and durable components

Your medical industry equipment needs to be accurate, reliable and to operate quietly.
The ideal choice to take on this challenge: celduc® relais’ solutions

celduc® relais is a well-established partner to the medical industry, we offer a wide range of Solid State Relays and Magnetic Proximity Sensors to meet the requirements of this strictly regulated market.

Several of our products comply with the requirements for medical applications in accordance with EN 60601-1 (VDE 0750).

Some examples of medical applications:

Hospital Beds

Several motors are used in an adjustable hospital bed to produce a desired bed configuration. Our PCB Solid State Relays are used to control these motors.

Key products: PCB Solid State Relays

Dialysis Machines

SSRs are used to heat fresh dialysis solution, regulate blood temperature and also to control detergents during a cleaning cycle.

Key products: Four-Leg Solid State Relays

Neonatal Incubators/Patient Temperature Management

Incubators and warmers are used to maintain the body temperature of newborn infants and patients. Our Solid State Relays are used for heating element control.

Key products: 22.5mm Pitch Single Phase Solid State Relays

Medical Refrigeration

When storing blood, vaccines or medicines, it is mandatory to check when medical/laboratory fridges are opened and closed. Our Reed sensors are very reliable and will operate consistently for millions of cycles

Key products: Tubular Magnetic Sensors

Laboratory Sterilisers

In medical industry autoclave sterilisers, Solid State Relays are used for chamber heating and steam generation.

Key products: 45mm Pitch Three-Phase Solid State Relays

Laboratory Glassware Washers/Disinfectors

In the medical industry, laboratory glassware washers/disinfectors provide superior cleaning and disinfection. This, combined with innovative options, minimises cost and saves time. Our Solid State Relays are used for temperature control.

Key products: “Ready to Use” 22.5mm Pitch Single Phase SSRs

Blood Analysers/Centrifuges

In this equipment, you can use our Solid State Relays for heating element control and our safety sensors for machine safety. These protect operators against contamination.

Key products: Safety Sensors

Dental Chairs

In dental chairs, up to 6 motors are required to adjust the various positions of the seat and the armrest. Our extensive range of durable and reliable PCB solid state relays are the perfect solution for motor control.

Key products: PCB Solid State Relays

Dental Laboratory Ovens

Dental Laboratory Ovens are used for ceramic or porcelain firing & pressing. Temperature uniformity and temperature accuracy of +/-1°C inside the round chamber is very important. celduc® relais’ SSRs are the right choice for accurate and dependable temperature control. Solid State Relays have a very high switching frequency compared to Electromechanical Relays. In temperature control, low switching frequency reduces accuracy.

Key products: EMC Optimised SSRs

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Process

Our products are used for heating and process control on production lines for pharmaceutical products and on packaging lines for pharmaceutical packaging. For more information, please check out our “Packaging Industry by celduc® relais” brochure


Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories

Our products are used in a wide range of additional applications: Reed switches for Syringe pumps; magnetic proximity sensors in Arthroscopic equipment; DC reverse polarity switches in Endoscope washer-disinfectors; sensors for Healthcare automation in hospitals, etc.

celduc’s solutions are displayed in our brochure MEDICAL INDUSTRY by celduc relais