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ATEX Magnetic proximity sensors

From the 1st of July 2006 all installations with potential risk of explosion (gaz and dust) should be manufactured in compliance with the ATEX directive 99 / 9 / CE.

For the past few years, celduc® relais has acquired and improved expertise in ATEX products, in particular sensors and relays for these specific applications. celduc® relais is notified as manufacturer of ATEX products : INERIS 04ATEXQ406 and offers a wide range of ATEX sensors.

celduc® relais has EC-type examination certificate Nr. INERIS 04ATEX0105.
Groupe II : Open-air industry (other than mines) with possible inflammable dust.

Type of devices :

  • 1 for zone 0 (continuous risk)
  • 2 for zone 1 (intermittent risk)

Gaz : G or Dust : D
Protection “m” for zone 1 and “i” for zone 0
Temperature class : T6 (85°C) T4 (135°C) or T3 (200°C)
Cables length 5m or 10m.

We offer standard solutions but we also developed some specific products.

catalogue celduc atex sensors














catalogue celduc atex sensors

















Examples of specific developments :

  • sensors used to detect hang up signals of guns in petrol station,
  • position sensors used in the petrol industry,
  • motor control module for paint mixers (presence of solvents) …

Just let us know your needs !

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