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FORUM celduc® relais - 09/11/2018

A forum is now available on celduc’s website. This space is reserved to your questions related to our products. The FAQ area summarizes the most frequent questions. You are kindly invited to consult it before posting your message. This forum should be used : -to post your questions related to our products, -to consult the […]

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French Fab Label - 20/02/2018

«La French Fab»,  a new brand for French Manufacturing. The aim of bringing together French industry under a single banner is to highlight French manufacturing expertise celduc relais, french manufacturer with constant product development and exporting 60% of its production, has joined «La Fench Fab». For further information, click here to download the brochure.

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A strong innovation and new buildings to challenge the future - 10/10/2016

The factory’s expansion has already started ! This expansion of celduc’s facilities of more than 800m² is dedicated to an increase of production capabilities as well as a new Research & Development area equipped with the newest equipment. The launch of new products, recent new contracts, more demanding customers and new challenges to gain new […]

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New corporate video - 26/11/2020

This 4 minutes video explores who we are and what we do. After two days of shooting and several weeks of montage, we are proud to present our new corporate video to you. It reflects the know-how of celduc® relais for industrial automation and magnetic proximity sensors. Have you ever wondered who celduc is ? Wait […]

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2-years Anniversary of celduc Shanghai - 09/06/2020

2-years Anniversary of celduc® Shanghai : interview with Matt Shi, sales & marketing manager Matt Shi is celduc relais ’ sales area manager for Asia and has set up celduc’s subsidiary in Shanghai 2 years ago. We’ve asked him some questions for the 2nd anniversary of celduc Shanghai. Read the answers below. Matt Shi, you are working […]

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Invitation for a virtual visit of celduc - 09/11/2018

Invitation for a virtual visit of celduc Interested in a virtual visit of celduc ? Follow the link !

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Food Industry — celduc’s solutions - 24/07/2020

Food Industry — celduc’s solutions Discover our new video ! SSRs are clearly a good fit for switching any large current/resistive loads that cycle on/off regularly and for similar equipment that is on for extended periods. There are also numerous applications for magnetic proximity sensors : position, presence or level detection … For more information […]

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Plastic Industry — celduc’s solutions - 17/09/2019

Plastic Industry — celduc’s solutions In plastic processing, accurate temperature control is essential in determining the quality of the final outcome. discover celduc solutions. SSRs offer a greater degree of control over the process than electromechanical relays or contactors, as they don’t have moving parts and allow frequent switching of loads (low switching frequency limits […]

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Medical Industry — celduc’s solutions - 27/05/2019

Solid State Relays and Magnetic Sensors for the Medical Industry Create high reliability in your healthcare equipment with Long Lasting and Safe components Your equipment dedicated to the medical industry should offer precision, reliability and quiet operation. The ideal choice to this challenge: celduc® relais’ solutions celduc® relais is a long-standing partner to the Medical industry, […]

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- Solid State Relays

Grounding/earthing of SSR assemblies - 30/06/2020

How to ensure grounding/earthing of SSR assemblies ? Earthing is the method of transmitting the instant electricity discharge directly to the ground through low resistance wires or electrical cables. So it’s one of the most important parts of setting everything up in order to not cause a fire or electrocute yourself. That is rather important ! […]

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SSR Thermal Interface Materials - 10/03/2020

Thermal Pads or Thermal Paste : How making the right choice ? The surface of a SSR or a heatsink is never entirely flat. If you mount a Solid State Relay directly on a heatsink, there will be invisible gaps between the two parts. Since air conducts heat poorly, these gaps have a very negative […]

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Sensor for window frames - 15/04/2021

Sensors for window frames Mounting & wiring times much shorter !   This range has been developed to detect position of the window : open or closed (supervising of openings). Typical applications are : Alarm, Heating, Air-conditioning  systems Main advantages are : Save time for mounting and wiring : pluggable connector , product to be […]

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ANALOGUE CONTROL RELAYS celduc® relais offers a wide range of controllers with various control modes and input types. Types of input control: 0-10VDC, 4-20mA , potentiometer PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). 3 control modes are available: Burst control mode controller Full wave pulse controller Phase angle controller You are now wondering how to choose the best […]

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okpac range - 18/01/2021

Single phase Solid State Relays up to 125A / 690Vac   Innovation, Performance and Design!  Our okpac® range of panel mount solid state relays is celduc’s well knows family of SSRs. Its 45 mm hockey puck industrial housing is quick to install. All the key features you are looking for are available : →Integrated removable […]

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