Our solutions for plastic Machinery

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With more than 50 years expertise in designing and building components for plastics machinery, celduc® can provide fully customised solutions, regardless of your requirements.

In plastic processing, accurate temperature control is essential in determining the quality of the final outcome. 

SSRs offer a greater degree of control over the process than electromechanical relays or contactors, as they don’t have moving parts and allow frequent switching of loads (low switching frequency limits the accuracy). Discover celduc’s solutions.

Solid State Relays and Magnetic Sensors for the Plastic Industry

With our integrated back to back thyristors and TMS² technology (direct copper bonded ceramic), celduc relais’ SSRs provide an extremely robust switching solution for plastic processing equipment manufacturers.

Here are some examples of  applications :


During the extrusion process, plastic in the form of pellets is fed into a heater barrel where rotating screws homogenize and squeeze it through a die to form a finished or semi-finished product.

Solid State Relays are used for pre-heating control, barrel heating control and motor control of the rollers & automation
Key products : 22,5mm pitch single Phase Solid State Relays and three-phase Solid State Relays

Injection molding machines

In injection moulding, the plastic is forced into a mould at very high pressure. The mould is kept at a given temperature while polymer solidifies. Then the finished product is ejected.

SSR are used for the control of pre-heating time process of the plastic material and mould heating system control
Key products : Two-phase Solid State Relays

Blow-molding machines

During the process for manufacturing plastic bottles, a “preform” is injected inside a cold mold, then the “preform” is unloaded from the mold, warmed up again with Infra Red lamp, then put inside a mold with a bottle cavity and hold by his screw nose, blowing with hot air and stretching to get a water bottle.
Key products : Analogue Controllers

Auxiliary equipment & accessories

Solid State Relays are also used for temperature control insi temperature controllers, granulate dryers and hot air dehumidifying dryers
Key products : 45mm pitch three-phase Solid State Relays

Recycling machines

In recycling machines SSR are used for pre-heating and heating system control as well as for granulates sanitization system control.
Key products : Single phase Solid State Relays — okpac range

More information needed about our solutions ? See our brochure PLASTIC INDUSTRY by celduc relais 

Designed to market requirements : Dedicated application engineering teams design special products upon request from the customer. Tell us more about your project.