FASTON Terminals : Quick connect terminals for fast installation !

Solid State Relays with «FASTON» terminals are ideal for the food and beverage industry for currents less than 20A. celduc® relais offers a wide range of single phase products with «FASTON» terminals, and also two-phase and four-leg power SSRs

The Faston pin terminal mounts quickly and securely.

Why using Faston terminals ?

  • Low cost terminals
  • Plug-in time (Fast on !)
  • Reliable connection for low currents


Technical limits to be taken into consideration

limit faston

Max permanent current of this connection is advised to 24A continuous according IEC 61210.

Tabs dimensions

celduc® relais is offering the most popular tabs are

-6,35 mm (0,25 inch.)

Faston 6,35 mm

-and 4,75 mm (0,187 inch.)

faston 475 mm

For which applications ?

Faston Terminals Solid State Relays are cost-effective solution widely used in Appliances and Automotive

coffee ,machine  Appliances in food industry

celduc’s range of Faston Terminals SSRs

celduc® relais offers a wide range of «FASTON» solutions :

SF5 range

sf5 ssr

-Compact 21 mm wide package featuring imbedded quick connect terminals.
-Fastons’ dimensions : IN 4,8 mm — OUT 6,35 mm
-10A and 25A versions
-Switching voltage : 12-280VAC
-Control voltage : 4-30VDC
-These products are fully wired with SMD process and celduc® selects the high technology components like snubberless triacs.
-CE certified, UL and cUL recognized

The very small size of this range allows to place it as an interface in all configurations.

SCF range

SCF relay

-Fastons’ dimensions : 6,35 mm
-Switching current : 25A
-Switching voltage : 12-280VAC or 24-600VAC
-Internal VDR protection for some models
-Designed for resistive loads AC-51

SP7/SP8 range

SP relay range

In a full plastic case, these relays can switch up to 12 A AC51.

This range is appropriate for any type of loads (such as heating or single-phase random motor) thanks to high immunity components and an integrated overvoltage protection combined with 800Vpeak power components.

-Fastons’ dimensions : ALL 6,35 mm

SOB5 range

Faston SOB 5


Dual okpac® with power and control connections by FASTON terminals.

celduc® relais is available to discuss any  project you may have. Tell us more about your project !