Five fundamental principles that represent the cornerstone our day-to-day business

The Celduc Method consists of the five fundamental principles that represent the cornerstone our day-to-day business. These five principles are the physical translation of our fundamental requirements in terms of who we are and how we work together: employees, customers, suppliers and business partners.

1-  Customer satisfaction above all else

We think that the only strategy worth considering is the one determined by our customers, who are specialists in their own right, to whom we are proud to bring our unique expertise in solid state relays and magnetic sensors. Continuously improving quality, constantly evolving technical solutions, and an ever more complete geographical presence have only one goal: to better understand and satisfy our customers. They are our true ambassadors and are full-fledged members of the extended Celduc family.

2- To exist is to improve

Because we ask ourselves the same question every day: what can we do better today than yesterday? Because innovation translates into more competitive, more reliable products, more efficient manufacturing processes, a more responsive supply chain and a more flexible internal organization, at Celduc, we are all responsible for our innovation.

3- Our suppliers have our trust

We have one, single requirement: that all our suppliers are the most recognized experts in their respective fields. This is the fundamental condition of our trust, the guarantee of a long-term relationship and the possibility of achieving the innovations that our customers expect from us.

4- To get closer you need to expand

We pursue a voluntary policy of setting up sales offices worldwide: no distance separating Celduc from a customer can be too great for us. Convinced that geographical and cultural proximity is the foundation of a successful business relationship, we are happy to move away from our local premises to get closer to our customers.

5- The greatness of a profession is how it enhances the human relationship

We make Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s maxim our own by collectively encouraging each individual to maximize their unique talents every day.