Our expertise

Every year, innovation in solid state relays and magnetic sensors represents 15% of our turnover, thanks to the complete and independent management of our R&D, our test laboratory, our marketing team and our manufacturing, with most of the equipment developed by our processing planning department.

Our R&D department, and its 10 engineers and technicians, design solid state relays to meet your needs.

Solid State Relays – here are some examples of customised products :

Special development composed of SU SSRs and ESUC modules

to control 9 heating elements with partial load break detection. This system includes all protections.

Solid state contactor for 3 phase motor.

Dry contact control Spring terminals.

Motor reverser

with 2 electronic cards included 5 SSRs

Solid State Relays with IO-Link communication

Because communication is a one of the great challenges of today, and an even bigger challenge of tomorrow!

Magnetic sensors – here are some examples of customised products :

Aircraft industry :

Serving this industry is proof of reliability. celduc ® relais has developed special sensors to detect the opening/closing of the doors as for example push-buttons used to detect open/closed doors in Airbus A380 ; sensors to detect tank refueling in Mirage Rafale and Saab Jas 39 fighters ; level sensors for AIRBUS humidifiers, …

Nuclear power :

celduc® relais has designed and made sensors used for nuclear reactor regulation. These sensors are part of the system’s highest security level. The qualification phase has therefore been very important in this project and our sensors have been tested in extreme situations. This development of sensors for nuclear reactors demonstrates yet again celduc® relais ability to create specific solutions
in fields where reliability is

Agriculture :

In agriculture, there are many ways in which our magnetic sensors can be applied. celduc® has developed a magnetic proximity sensor for metal detection. No more need for magnets!