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celduc® Solid State Relays (SSRs) are widely used across the food industry, as opposed to electromechanical relays (EMRs), because of their ability to function seamlessly in harsh environments (dust, gas, shocks and vibrations). Fully electronic, SSRs have no mechanical moving parts, so they have a longer service life compared to EMRs. In addition, their semiconductor based design makes them environmentally safe which means they can be used in a wide range of applications including: ovens, fast food equipment, coffee machines, etc.

There are also numerous applications for our magnetic proximity sensors: if you are looking for position, presence or level detection, we have the solution. Thanks to our 45 years of experience in the key technologies that we use in our products, we can offer you the best products for your application.

Here are some application examples:

Cookers / Cooking ovens

In cookers SSRs are used for:
-heating element control
-water heater control for steam production in “combined” ovens with convection systems
-motor control for hot air distribution fans

celduc® relais offers a wide range of Solid State Relays that are ideal for this application but we have also developed special, customised products. Solid State Relays are used to switch the heaters ON & OFF, these heat the water to produce steam. They are also used to switch the fan ON & OFF.

Key products : Two-Phase Solid State Relays

In addition, our magnetic sensors are used as door position detection devices (to detect if a door is open or closed).

Key products : Tubular position sensors

Rotary pizza ovens :

For instance, Solid State Relays are used to control the rotating bedplate’s temperature and motors.

Key products : Single Phase Solid State Relays – okpac range

Bakery ovens and equipment

To sum up, our SSRs are used for pre-heating and temperature control in bakery ovens because they have a very high switching frequency.

Key products: Three-Phase Solid State Relays

Coffee machines

Heavy-duty coffee machines are designed for commercial use, for example in the hospitality industry or in workplace canteens. These machines perform multiple functions from grinding coffee beans, to heating and pumping water, hundreds of times per day.

Why Use Solid State Relays?

The high number of multiple operations to control heating, motors for pumps and grinders, as well as the need for consistent reliability, means solid state relays should be used instead of electromechanical relays.

Motors are inductive loads and therefore have some disadvantages, such as:
-high starting currents that last a few seconds and are up to 10 times the nominal current
-high over-voltage and high dv/dt that may damage or unexpectedly start the relay

For these reasons coffee machine manufacturers use Solid State Relays.

Key products: Two-Phase Solid State Relays with Faston Terminals

Fast Food Equipment

Above all, components used in fast food equipment must be reliable and must be able to maintain high frequency switching. In short, celduc’s Solid State Relays, used for temperature control in this kind of equipment, meet these requirements.

Key products: Miniature Solid State Relays with Faston Terminals

Vending machines

Firstly, Magnetic proximity sensors are used in vending machines for:
-Door position detection: to detect if a door is open or closed
-Product presence detection for the dispensing mechanism

Moreover, Solid State Relays are used to control the temperature of vending machines that dispense hot drinks.

Key products: Screw Position Sensors

In conclusion : Do you want to know more about our solutions? Check out our brochure FOOD INDUSTRY by celduc relais