multizones power controllerMultizones Power Controller

celduc relais offers Infrared lamp temperature control units to be used in blow molding machines.

The technology used, based on solid state relays for power associated with complex electronics, makes it possible to provide precise and efficient power control of up to 12 lamps.
A program is used to inform the PLC of the operating state and possible faults in the manufacturing process.

Characteristics of the control boxes

  • Heating unit for a maximum of 12 IR channels (4 kW max. per channel and 36 kW max. per unit)
  • U² type mains power variation correction (syncopated)
  • Detections: broken lamp < 250 ms;  overvoltage/undervoltage; overheating; broken fuse
  • Built-in protection
  • Control using Profibus DP

The regulation-module units can be installed by OEMs or mounted by machine users as replacement parts.

What are the benefits ?

Accurate heating that ensures the manufacture of high-quality preforms and bottles. These modules are compact and modular.

celduc part numbers

EIRC08000, EIRC10000 and EIRC12000

celduc high voltage

For more information about celduc’s solutions in the Plastic Industry, you can consult our detailed brochure.