Constantly seeking innovations

From its catalogue of standard products or according to customer’s specifications, celduc® relais offers Solid State Relays and Magnetic Proximity Sensors.

Supported by a know-how acquired after many years, celduc® relais designs and manufactures its own production and control machines. Owing to this high-capacity and unique tooling, celduc® products may be found all over the world and bear the name of big industrial groups. Nowadays, the number of factories, machines, engines, … safely equipped with our products is endless !

This is the good thing when the engineers and the manufacturing are in the same location: from concept to technology, from design to product, from optimization to new machines, there are only a few doors to cross.

R&D at the heart of our celduc strategy

celduc R&D

celduc® relais has an integrated in-house design office which is a guarantee of direct control.

At celduc® relais, research and development is an integral part of our innovation strategy. This is what gives the company such excellent levels of competitivity on the market, through the way in which our R&D designs, tests and approves new products.

Our difference : in-house R&D.

10 engineers and technicians are working in designing products to meet your needs. Our experienced R&D engineers are constantly working on developing new products ; these represent 10 to 15% of our total production output.

10 to 15% of turnover devoted to research & development each year.

Thanks to our internal testing laboratory and our close collaboration with our Sales & Marketing, our R&D department is capable of meeting market needs and expectations. Taking customers feedback, current trends and changes to standards into account is what we focus on every day.

R&D working for our customers

There are a range of options available with celduc products, just waiting to become reality. Solutions that haven’t been imagined, conceived or used yet…your projects and your demands are what will force the company to go deeper into each concept. At celduc, we’re only interested in one thing: making your projects a reality, no matter how ambitious they might be.

Every request is different, every customer is specific.

Our skilled and innovative R&D department will work to assess and determine your specific needs and the feasibility of your projects. Working closely with you, they oversee the development of the ideal product, manage the progress of the project and ensure resources are being properly distributed.

Onsite Testing Laboratory

celduc in-house test laboratory

Testing is an important priority throughout the process, from sourcing components and suppliers, to product design or production simulations.
As a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of Solid State Relays, celduc performs regular lifetime tests and also reviews its products versus its competitors.

Three reasons why Product Testing is important :

  • Comparision with the competition (in terms of Technology used & Production Process)
  • Compare the improvements in SSR manufacturing and process changes that Celduc has implemented versus the competition (continuous improvement in products)
  • Ensure and maintain product quality : By implementing ongoing testing of products selected at random from our inventory, we ensure that product performance is consistent with our specifications and that our manufacturing processes are meeting our standards. If any deviations are detected, corrective actions are taken.

Thus, celduc relais has developed specific test equipment for lifespan (accelerated ageing), which is monitored internally by electrical tests, X-ray analysis and dismantling under a microscope, X-ray fluorescence (composition analysis).

Additional tests via external laboratories
are sometimes necessary for a good understanding of the phenomena

  • Physics using tomography, fine polished cutting, acoustic analysis (SAM).
  • Metallurgical (ex: hardness, composition) and chemical (ex: pollution)

Other possible in-house tests :
– Functional analysis (impact analysis of customer loads, variable frequency, etc.)
– Thermal qualification (customized heatsink from customer, new heatsink, …)
– Thermal tests (cycling, operation at low or high temperature)
– EMC pre-qualification (emission or immunity)
– Electrical IP (Ingress Protection) test
– Resistance of connections (traction, bending, tightening torque, current, temperature rise, etc.)

Other possible external tests :
– Environmental (climate: salt spray, damp heat, temperature change, etc.) performed for our proximity sensors
– Mechanical (shocks and vibration)
– Chemicals (resistance to solvents)
– Radiation (Nuclear, space)
– Non-Electrical IP (Ingress Protection) test
– short-circuits

Software for R&D project management

To stay ahead of the competition and on track with new product goals, our R&D department needs the right tools and access to accurate data. Our new process manufacturing ERP delivers these R&D benefits :

  1. Follow the R&D action request from sales
  2. Manage the different stage of the R&D project
  3. Make sure we are in lead with the fixed schedule
  4. Technical file management
  5. Follow the time spent by our engineer on this project to calculate the global costs ….

Our design office also uses many other technical softwares to perform electronic and thermal simulations, but also electronic CAD software and mechanical engineering design software. celduc relais has developed in-house software for the measurement data acquisition process.

cad software

Our Technical Expertise

Here are our technical expertise :

-Power and Control Electronics
-Electromechanical Systems, electrical engineering
-Microcontrollers and Fieldbus Communication Network
-packaging (plastics material, connections, mechanics, etc.)
-Thermal management
-EMC (Electromagnetic Emission)
-Integration and manufacturing processes
-Power conversion

Why trust us ?

  • More than 50 years of experience : this experience allows us to easily understand the problems of our customers and thus respond very precisely to their needs. Indeed, in our business, we cannot separate the product from the application.
  • Local staff : proximity and responsiveness
  • Our R&D Team is made of 10 engineers and technicians
  • The control of the complete cycle has several benefits for celduc® and its customers : Independence, Flexibility, and Cost, Quality and Leadtime Management.

celduc® relais proudly keep all product research and development in house, employing highly skilled, multi-talented and versatile engineers to innovate solutions and deliver world class products to a global market.
Innovation, this is the challenge that celduc® relais has to take up every day. Innovation, to completely adapt the products to the needs of the customers. Innovation, to anticipate the market developments. Innovation, through implementing special knowledge and skills in partnership with industry and research.