At celduc : Finger touch protection with IP20 proven power terminals

Single phase okpac® and celpac® SU range of Solid State Relays are conform to IP20 protection (also named finger protection) thanks to their removable flaps.

Our 2nd generation of three-phase Solid State Relay comes also equipped with IP20 touch-safe removable flaps. You don’t need to buy anything extra, this is in « standard » !

But what does IP20 mean ?

IP stands for “ingress protection” which refers to the level of protection offered by an electrical enclosure, against solids and liquids. The numbers then describe your protection : The first number is the protection rating against solid objects and the second number is the protection against liquids.

For example, using the listing below, IP20 means you are protected again solid objects up to 12mm (2) but there is no protection against liquids (0).

SOLID Protection

0. No protection / No test required

  1. Protected against objects greater than 50mm diameter
  2.  Protected against objects greater than 12.5mm diameter, such as a finger
  3. Protected against objects greater than 2.5mm
  4. Protected against objects greater than 1.0mm such as wire
  5. Ingress of dust is not totally prevented but dust does not enter in harmful quantities to interfere with the correct operation or impair safety
  6. No ingress of dust permitted

WATER Protection 

0. No protection / No test required

  1.  Protected against falling drops of water
  2.  Protected against drops falling at 15° in 4 fixed positions
  3. Low pressure spray – similar to shower head at up to 60° from vertical tested using an oscillating tube with an arc of 60° for ten minutes
  4.  Low pressure spray – similar to shower head – as per numeral 3 but 180° for 10 minutes
  5.  Medium pressure jet – 6.3mm diameter, similar to garden hose – from any angle for 3 minutes at a distance of 2.5-3 metres.
  6.  High pressure jet – 12.5mm diameter, similar to fire hose – from any angle for 3 minutes at a distance of 2.5-3 meters.
  7.  Immersion – for temporary immersion in water under set conditions – 1 metre for 30 minutes
  8. Protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water, ingress of water in quantities causing harmful effects shall not be possible. Conditions should be more severe than for numeral 7.
  9. Steam clean, high pressure, high temp jet wash to DIN40050 (German Std), extends BS EN 60529:1992
    protection test

    Testing method.

    For the verification of degrees of protection against touch for Solid State Relays, we are using a Normalized IP 20 Finger



Available additional accessories :

We are also offering Marking labels to be mounted on protection flaps or covers (celduc’s ref = 1MZ09000)

celduc’s ref = 1MZ09000