Level sensors

level sensors

celduc relais® offers a large range of standard or specific level and flow sensors using Reed switches. Our sensors are available in plastic, brass or stainless steel housing, making it possible to use them with various chemical substances and/or operating temperatures. With some sensors, it is possible to invert function by reversing the float or using the sensor upside down.

Working principle

A float fitted with one or more magnets moves with the liquid and actuates, due to its magnetic field, a hermetically sealed reed contact located in the body of the float. We have horizontal and vertical level sensors ranges.

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Advantages of our range

  •  One moving part.
  •  The Reed contact is actuated by a magnetic field only : no contact so no wear.
  • The Reed contact is completely isolated from the liquid so perfectly waterproof.

The below advantages allow a safety use, repetitiveness, precision and minimum maintenance.

Applications of our level sensors

HEATING (air-conditioning, heaters, humidifiers)
  •  To detect the water level in the tank.
DOMESTIC EQUIPMENT (electronic flush, solar systems)
  •  To detect the water level.
FOOD INDUSTRY (coffee machines, vending machines)
  •  Check the level of water left in the tank.
 MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (sterilising equipment for medical instruments)
  •   Check level of water for steam or liquid detergent level.
WATER TREATMENT (water purifying, desalinating)
  •  The sensors enable the reserve water level to be established.
SWIMMING POOLS (water treatment, water heating)
  • Water level and flow.
AUTOMOBILE (radiator liquids level, windscreen washer, engine oil level, brake oil level)
  • Detection of liquids levels.
VARIOUS INDUSTRIES (photo lab equipment, scrubber machines, fuel dispensing systems).

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Liquids compatibility

For each reference we specify its “Fluid Compatibility” because the choice of the level sensor depends on your application and the liquid in which the sensor will emerge.

There are 4 different levels:

Fluid compatibility = WATER

  • This sensor can only be used in water.

Fluid compatibility = 1

  • Compatible with acid : acetic, citric, formic, lactic, nitric diluted, phosphoric, sulphuric diluted ; soda ; alcohols : ethanol, methanol, propanol ; glycol ; mineral oil ; water
  • Not compatible with the following solvents : chloroforme, methylene chloride, trichloroethylene, toluene ; hard acids.

Fluid compatibility = 2

  •   Compatible with fuels, engine oil, kerosene, lubricaring oil, mineral oil, vegetal oil,
  •   Not compatible with almost all acids, methylene chloride
  •  Acceptable resistance to water.

Fluid compatibility =3

  •  Compatible with almost all the liquids except hard acids.

Discover our level sensors range

reference GB level
range level sensors

PTF01060 sensorsPTFA2115 in stainless steel / Vertical mounting / rugged / for aggressive liquids

PTFA sensorsPTF01070 : Float in polypropylene and case in PA66 Plastic / Vertical mounting / Suitable for limited place and small tank, or for any use with low prices and huge quantities

PTFA hori-PTFA3115 :in PE plastic / horizontal mounting

ptfa5001-PTFA5001 :  level sensors in polypropylene suitable for liquids with a density higher than 0.9.  The small size of its float (diameter of 18mm) is one of the particularity of this level sensor. It makes our PTFA5001 be the smallest level sensor using Reed switch on the market. It can be easily mounted in tank. This is possible to invert the functions by reversing the float.
Technical characteristics are : 50VA/0.5A/300Vac.
Connection type : cable 2m

Please see the data sheets for more details. For specific applications (e.g. potentiometric scale, special level sensors)

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