Solid State Relays with current regulator

SSR construction

celduc relais is offering Solid State Relays with different types of Inputs.

SSR input

Here are the possible types of DC control Solid State Relays :

DC Ssr control

Here are the possible types of AC control Solid State Relays :

AC control SSR

For both AC and DC inputs Solid State Relays, we are offering SSRs with current  regulator which limits  the input current to vary much with input voltage.

You can easily recognize these versions thanks to the « Input : Ic = f( Uc) » curve on our technical data-sheets which looks like this :

input curve

What are the benefits of current regulation ?


  • Limitation of the power consumption and energy saving : smaller size of the user’s power supply especially if the number of SSR is high
  • Limitation of the power dissipation (heat) at the input : Extend the lifetime of the relay and its optocoupler
  • Wider control range