Compact three-phase Solid State Relays – 45mm installation width


Superior design, easy to install and optimum lifespan are delivered with the new generation of three-phase Solid State Relays : sightpac® range.

Celduc panel mount three-phase Solid State Relays have been developed to offer all the advantages of electronic switching technology. The 45mm housing is quick to install, compact and reliable.

Standard Solid State Relays for panel mount

Our sightpac® serie consists of three solid-state outputs controlled by one input, and function similar to any standard solid-state relay. When the input signal is applied, each output conducts load current for it’s respective phase in the network.

Sightpac® is a compact version with 45mm installation width and is a market favorite since it has been launched in 2017.

Celduc® offers 2 versions :

SMB 2-leg three-phaseSMB : 2 leg three-phase SSRs


This range has been designed to control three-phase loads with a delta connection, if balanced, with a star connection without neutral. Two of the three phases are switched, the third is directly connected.

SMT : Three-phase SSRs

We offer Zero Cross version suitable for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads.

Easy and fast connections

Celduc® offers different connections. On the power side we offer standard connection with screws or connection with spring connectors. On the control side we offer pluggable connector for easy and fast connections.

Standard Solid State Relays for Din Rail Mount, with built-in heatsink

« Ready to use » version with built-in heatsink are available.

Our products manufactured in compliance with major international standards UL/CSA/cUL, CE, UKCA & RoHS

STM relay

Applications examples

This range is perfect for frequent start/stop operation of 3-Phase motors or heaters

When heating and pre-heating in plastic injection molding machines, thermoforming machines, packaging equipment, …, temperature must be managed carefully and precisely.
Celduc 3-phase Solid State Relays & contactors can pilot the heating system (based on a 3-phase resistive load) with precise temperature control and high reliability.

Celduc® 3-phase SSRs can also control 3-phase motors with a high reliability of the system.

Celduc’s Solid State Relays are designed to be used in almost any application, offering very long life expectancy and are easy to install, easy to use, robust and multipurpose.

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