celduc® relais has got the UL approval for its 3-phase Solid State Relays

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Superior design, easy to install and optimum lifespan are delivered with the new generation of three-phase Solid State Relays : cel3pac and sightpac ranges.

Performance & reliability :
-Maximum peak voltage up to 1600V,
-Thyristor rating up to 125A,
-Using TMS² technology thyristors and RVF process (RoHs Void Free Process) for a longer lifespan (+40%),
-AC or DC input control available,
-IP20 protection on terminals with removable flaps,
-Protections available : RC snubber, VDR, TVS.

celduc® relais offers 2 new ranges of solid-state relays for controlling three-phase loads. Various models are available, with ratings up to 125 amps per phase, with either AC or DC input, random or zero-cross output.

cel3pac range :
-100mm version,
-Low profile : Height 34.7mm,
-Better performance terminals to reach higher thermal current limits,
-Large power connections : up to 50mm² (AWG1)

sightpac range :
-Compact 45mm version,
-Fixing screws compatible with okpac® and celpac® ranges,
-A visionary range with open future for optional modules.

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