médical ciblecelduc’s solutions for Medical Devices

Medical Devices need smooth interfaces between humans and machines. Quality and reliability are paramount for the highest standards of patient care. celduc® relais provides Solid State Relays and Magnetic sensors solutions for medical devices used in hospital and laboratories.

First let see what are the needs of the Medical Industry :

Your medical industry equipment needs to be accurate, reliable and to operate quietly.

Maximum reliability is the basis for efficient equipment technology in the field of medical engineering: for the protection of patients and the generation of precise diagnoses.

At celduc® relais, our engineering expertise enables us to provide components that meet the growing and emerging needs of the medical technology market. We ensure the highest level of performance, and precise control to meet the industry’s stringent requirements.

Furthermore, several of our products comply with the requirements for medical applications in accordance with EN 60601-1 (VDE 0750).

celduc relais : the ideal choice to take on this challenge

celduc® relais is a well-established partner to the medical industry, we offer a wide range of Solid State Relays and Magnetic Proximity Sensors to meet the requirements of this strictly regulated market.

Our solutions for Treatment and Life support Equipment

hospital nurseThe purpose of life support equipment is to support or augment failing body organs. Examples include ventilators for the lungs, dialysis machines for the kidneys, …

Medical Treatment equipment is any type of medical device that is designed to treat a specific condition. It utilizes modern technology in order to address any abnormalities to restore function in the affected organs or tissues within the body.

Here are some examples of customer uses cases :     

Hospital Beds and Rehabilitation equipment

Several motors are used in an adjustable hospital bed to produce a desired bed configuration. Our PCB Solid State Relays are used to control these motors.

celduc® relais is supplying PCB Solid State Relays with built-in voltage protection to replace electromechanical relays.

 Dialysis Machines

In this equipment SSRs are used for heating element control for :

  • Blood temperature regulation
  • Detergents’ heating during the cleaning cycle

The two main advantages of our Four-Leg SSR, which is our key product for this application, are :

  • Ultra-miniature package
  • Very high frequency switching capability necessary for and accurate temperature control

Infant incubators and Patient Temperature Management

Infant warmers and incubators are used to maintain the ideal body temperature of ill or premature newborn babies It means it should provide stable levels of temperature : Our Solid State Relays are used for heating resistance control. Our compact 22,5mm pitch SSR solution is the best choice.

Our solutions for Medical laboratory equipment

laboratoryMedical testing plays an important role in diagnosing disease and in deciding how best to treat it. Along with performing large numbers of analyses in a short timeframe to cope with the increasing number of tests and samples, medical laboratories also need to provide doctors with accurate and highly reliable data. To achieve this, laboratories have installed automated sample transportation lines and a variety of automatic analyzers. Along with progress in the automation of medical testing comes a strong demand for reliability, with a variety of practices having been developed for this purpose.

The tasks of analytical devices and machines used in laboratories are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Precision and speed are important requirements despite the compact dimensions.

Here are some examples of customer uses cases :


Laboratory Sterilizers and Autoclaves

The autoclave can create an environment of specified temperature, air pressure and humidity, and can be used as a sterilization device or an experimental device. Because of its excellent performance and reasonable price, it is commonly used in dental, medical, veterinary and laboratory equipment.

In medical autoclave sterilisers, okpac single phase Solid State Relays are used for chamber heating and steam generation.

Blood Analyser and Centrifuges

In this equipment, you can use our Solid State Relays for heating element control and our safety sensors for machine safety. These protect operators against contamination.

Future medical laboratories

In the future, the development of the Internet of things (IoT) will increasingly change the laboratory, including an increase in the number of sensors fitted in analyzers to help determine the location of patient samples to enable the realtime management of equipment and materials where required.

Our solutions for Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories

médical accessoire

Our products are used in a wide range of additional applications:

  • Reed switches for Syringe pumps;
  • magnetic proximity sensors in Arthroscopic equipment;
  • DC reverse polarity switches in Endoscope washer-disinfectors;
  • sensors for Healthcare automation in hospitals, etc.



Our solutions for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Process


Our products are used for heating and process control on production lines for pharmaceutical products and on packaging lines for pharmaceutical packaging :

  • Complete lines for production of pharmaceutical products
  • Packaging Lines for drugs / pills packaging

For more information read our brochure presenting our solution for the Medical Industry