A look at  trends in the packaging industry

The packaging industry is a key player as consumers and other sectors adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Packaging optimization is central in the supply chain. Many sectors like medical and food industries are very dependent to the packaging industry.

 A sector in constant evolution

embalage pure pack

In a context of globalization, the packaging industry has a very important role to play, and many challenges to face.

On one side, with the Covid-19 pandemic, Health and hygiene are now an everyday preoccupation : How to ensure food safety and hygiene ? How to preserve and increase food longetivity? How to ensure that your medical device is sterile ?

On the other side, packaging companies are coming up with innovative technologies that are friendly to the environment, reusable, and biodegradable. Packaging industry has made huge progress towards a sustainable and circular supply chain. How to recycle packagings ? How to package with sustainable materials? ….

Packaging industry  will continue to be called upon to face challenges and celduc® relais is here to offer adapted solutions.

The celduc’s expertise

celduc® relais is a well-established partner to the pakaging industry, we offer a wide range of Solid State Relays and Magnetic Proximity Sensors to meet the requirements of this strictly regulated market. Major actors of the industry trust us, so what about you ?

Here are some examples of customers’ use cases :

Filling machines

machine remplissageOur Solid state relays are used for the conveyor and the power vibrator motor control. SSRs control also the electro-valves used in liquid filling process and the heating resistance of hot air unit for an aseptic filling process.

Closing / sealing machines

Machine scellageCelduc’s SSR are used for the accurate heating resistance control and the temperature control when upper and lower films are sealed together. Our products control also Electro-magnets : electromagnets are used for the locking of sealing machines (it allows to keep the arm locked during the sealing and cooling process)

Thermoforming machines

termoforageOur solid state relays functions are to control the pre-heating process and the mold heating system.

Our safety sensors are used to secure the machine during the manual loading of the plastic sheets.

Shrink tunnels                    

Ligne de rétractationThis high temperature process employs radiant heat or steam. Process equipment utilises heating elements, burners or hot air nozzles and may feature electronic regulation. Our SSR can be used for the infra red heating lamps control and the heating resistance control.

Wapping / bundling machines

fardeuseOur solid state relays are used  for the conveyor motor control, the up/down film roller motor control, the cutting station motor control  and the sealing heating resistance control

Many other machines and equipment

Our solid state relays and sensors are used inside many other machines in the packaging sector like  blow molding machines, side cutting machines, labeling machines or a vacuum packaging…

Moreover, we can develop specific products to answer your needs. So if you have a new project, contact us!

Please also see our booklet on the packaging industry.