SIB Range – new Dual SSR

celduc® relais is featuring our new SIB942360 dual Solid State Relay 22,5mm housing as our Product of the Week.

Here are the main features :

  • Voltage is 600 Vpeak = 280 VAC nominal voltage
  • Current is 2x20A (30A caliber power element I²t=487A²s)
  • Dual Zero Cross Solid State Relay especially designed for AC-51 resistive loads.
  • 1 common input with green LED visualization
  • push-in style input connector
  • Power outputs: screw terminals
  • Width is 22.5 mm
  • Certification: CE, UL, S-mark

SSR capacity with 40°C:

  • 3A each phase without heatsink
  • 10A each phase with 3 K/W heatsink
  • 15A each phase with 2 K/W heatsink
  • 25A each phase with 1 K/W heatsink

Both « Vertically » and « Horizontally » output connections are possible thanks to the holes of the power connections :

phase in neutral to load

Phase to load neutral in

Download the Product of the Week Data-Sheet today, it’s filled with the SIB942360′ features and specifications.

BIB celduc new rangeSIB branché



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