celduc® : Family-Owned & Fiercely Independent

How did celduc, which has remained independently owned since its creation over 60 years ago, become a globally recognized and trusted brand ? In a word, commitment.

The celduc® group specializes in power electronics and is a leading player in the global market for industrial automation, magnetic proximity sensors and power transformers. The third generation of the GUICHARD/PERROT family, founder and owner, is now also part of our Management Team. Our customers have a high degree of confidence in our company due to its independence as well as the stability of its management team.

As a family-run company since 1962, with clearly defined values, we act today to ensure our success for tomorrow and the day after.

What are the advantages of a family-run business?

There are many advantages of running a family business, such as:

  • Stability : Longevity in leadership ensures overall stability within a family-run business
  • Commitment : Family-owned companies tend to have a greater sense of commitment and accountability at their heart than non-family companies. The main benefits are a greater understanding of the industry , stronger customer relationships ; and more effective sales and marketing.
  • Long-term strategy : Family firms think years – or even decades – ahead. A longer-term perspective is a good way to foster a culture of clear strategy and decision-making throughout the business.

Our five fundamental principles

Additionally, sustainability is key to our long-term success and we have summarized our five fundamental principles that represent the cornerstone our day-to-day business :

  1.  Customer satisfaction above all else
  2.  To exist is to improve
  3.  Our suppliers have our trust
  4.  To get closer you need to expand
  5.  The greatness of a profession is how it enhances the human relationship

The celduc® Methods in details