celduc shanghai

Our chinese subsidiary celebrates this week its 4th Anniversary.

Here are 4 questions to Matt SHI, Vice General Manager of Celduc Shanghai,  for this 4-year Anniversary.

1- How has celduc Shanghai evolved over the years ?

Celduc Shanghai spent 2 years to find our position and our key market in China, it is quite difficult for the salespeople and partners to rethink our future at the beginning, but luckily, we did the right decision and now in some segments we had become the “Best& Top choice” among our customers.

We had also built good relationship with local government officers, also more adapted to the life rhythm of Shanghai, get support from them like tax refund, quick custom response, rental discount those are very small but effective way of inspiring celduc shanghai motivation to expand business in China~

celduc brand recognition improved on the chinese market

We improve the brand name by targeting selected segments by having seminar with engineers and partners, also by product and brand training to partners, distributors, even sub-contractors who knew little about Celduc, also during Covid-19 ,Celduc Shanghai had donate some Epidemic prevention supply to customer design and sourcing engineer and production people, besides, Celduc regular visit to end-user and explain what is new design in Europe will be interesting to engineers, all these works and efforts had brought huge trust from our customers, not mention about Celduc’s quality which is no doubt in 1st tier manufacturers all the time.

2- What Market trends do you foresee for the upcoming 5 years ?

We will be selected by demanding customers in all segments, our market will be mainly in Railway, Nuclear, Medical , SMC, Catering equipment, for other segments customer have strong bargain power, we might not get involved into a price war, if customer do not need reliable products, as no matter how difficult we will face, good margin is always the key to survive, the next 5 years we will see more manufacturers appear and serve for those high-bargain power customers in plastic, catering, SMC, also our competitors will focus on margin too as they will not only target on low margin market to let them survive.

3- In 2020 you planned to have 20-30% revenue increase in first 5 years. Where are you standing for today ?

We actually revised the target by 30% each year, now we are just on our way to the plan, but as covid-19 although we have nice orders, but we face lot of challenges to turn them into instant sales, we are on the train to our target but we might stand at the middle coach going to move forward.

4- What do you see as the biggest accomplishments since you start in 2018 ?

For myself, the biggest accomplishments are I changed my role in company, my thinking and ideas, my decision process, and my way of communication from a professional manager to a general manager, I no longer complain on production cost, delivery, competition, and bad partners; etc. But I more start to think how to solve them if that happens. I can see and feel our colleagues’ difficulties on sourcing, production, and their daily job. To help me and help our colleagues, customers, partners, I started to jump out of my comfortable zone to learn new knowledge which can help me solve problems, it is very painful at the beginning and feel powerless, but after I found that really can help others, I start to enjoy this life, so I would say this is my biggest accomplishments since 2018.