A must-attend event for the food & beverage industry

Taking advantage of our worldwide network, we participate in the main industrial Trade Shows.

We strongly believe in the power of in-person events to discuss about customer’s projects, introduce our new products developments, ….After a long period of pandemic that has unfortunately stopped many activities, it’s a pleasure to be present again to the Trade Shows and meet each other.

The National Restaurant Association Show

Celduc inc. our US subsidiary, will attend to the National Restaurant Association Show from May 21th to 24th, in Chicago, USA.

Come meet Gil BATTISTIN, General Manager celduc inc., and Jean PERROT, Director of Strategy celduc relais, at our booth #855.


Food & Beverage industry by celduc

Food & Beverage and its transformation processes have always been one of our primary sectors. New products development, as well as an innate approach to serving customers, have made celduc the leader on this global and constantly innovative sector.

The number of switching cycles in food and beverage equipment is quite substantial and a reliable switching solution that guarantees a long, maintenance-free lifetime can be provided only with solid state relays. Furthermore Food & Beverage processes demand components capable of working in harsh environments and conditions.

Celduc’s SSRs are used in Coffee and Vending machines, Heating and cooking equipment, cooling and refrigeration systems, culinary preparation equipment …By optimally regulating heating elements in ovens, deep fat fryers, professional coffee machines, toasters, … our SSRs save energy, minimize downtime, and reduce maintenance, thereby offering substantial cost savings.

Refrigerators and freezers, must have their doors closed at all times to ensure the freshness of food. Reed Magnetic Proximity Sensors are a simple choice to ensure this. Celduc magnetic sensor is usually mounted on the chassis of the equipment and the permanent magnet on the door. When the door is opened, the contacts open, activating a timer in the electronics and then an alarm will be activated – giving the user that the door has been left open.

Learn more about celduc’s Solid State Relays and Magnetic sensors in Food & Beverage Equipment in the application brochure.

Our many years of experience in the Food & Beverage sector will allow us to optimize your new designs. Come by our booth to find out more and take a look at our new range of Solid State Relays & Magnetic Proximity Sensors !