5 Benefits of Using celduc’s e-catalogue website

At celduc®relais, we’re always looking for ways to better serve our customers, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our new website has a fresh new look and was designed with your needs in mind. You can find, select, and purchase the parts you need.

Here are just five of the many benefits of using celduc’s e-catalogue website.



1-Search for product market-fit

Finding the right part for your project might be difficult. Our e-catalogue website offers different options dependig on how you are searching the information :

Search by part number

If you already know the exact part number you need, you can search by part number. This option is especially useful if you’ve used a part in the past or otherwise know exactly what you need. Just type the part number itself into the search bar, and you’ll be taken to the product detail page for that part.

Parametric search feature

If you are not familiar with celduc’s part numbering system, our parametric search feature allows you to define the specifications that you are looking for, and then get the parts that fulfill your requirements.

Of course, if If at this point, you’re still not sure whether a part will work for you, our technical support team is available to help clear up any doubt. Contact us

2-Find all the information you need on our Products Pages

Once the product has been selected and for your system design, you may need more information on the product itself. When you land on a product page, our priority is to provide you with this information as clearly as possible.

Each product page contains all the key information :

– downloads documentation : data sheet with technical details like electronic characteristics, package sizing and more, 2D 3D CAD Files, mounting instructions, …

– stock availability and lead-times

– product features,

– typical applications,

– standards

3-Products Comparison

You want to view products side-by-side, compare them across multiple data points, and pick the best for their needs ? This tool is for you and helps you find the best market-fit product.

Just click on the sign « Add to compare » and select the other products you wish in your comparison.

4- Save your items for later : wishlist

You have spent time to select a product, to study the product page … so you would probably like to save it in your user account for future reference : the Wishlist is the best way to do it.

The Wishlist helps you organize and keep track of the things you want.

5- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The letters FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. A FAQ page is a list of common questions people have asked about our products.
FAQ page has been built to be an automated customer support page.

Visit our online e-catalogue today to take advantage of these benefits and contact us if you have any question.