New Quad Series Solid State Relay : SMQR

Celduc’s Solid State Relays are designed for industrial applications where fast and long electrical life in switching is required. We have just launched a new range of Quad AC Output Solid State Relay.

With this new SMQR Series you will get four independently controlled AC output Solid State Relays in an industry standard package. With the models SMQR and SCQ, celduc® relais offers a choice between push-in spring terminals or Faston terminals.

These products are zero-cross switching and are especially designed for AC-1 resistive loads.

What are the benefits of zero-cross switching?

Zero-cross switching is also called zero voltage control. With this type of control, power switching takes place only at the beginning of the alternation after the vontrol has been applied. In the case of resistive loads, it is preferable to use zero-cross relays which in this way limit the disturbances on the network and increase the lifetime of the load and the relay.

How large is this SSR ?

Thanks to its compact dimensions of 100 (L) x 48,1 (H) x 45 mm (D), SCQR Series is a sure fit for tight setups.

​Integrating 4 single-phase relays in a « sightpac » style housing, our SMQR product family is the best choice to reduce the size of your control panel (compact 45mm version). So we can say that the SMQR package conserves space while providing high-power switching.

What are the main product features ?

Here are the main product features of our SMQR Series :

  • 4 x 25A power element
  • 10-30VDC control voltage
  • 24-600VAC switching voltage
  • Zero voltage turn-on version
  • Optimized for resisitve loads applications
  • Quick connect style terminals
  • Green control status LED visualization for each input
  • Overvoltage protection by TVS diodes on gates

Quick connect style terminals

Push-in spring terminals offer Fast wiring, even in tight spaces !

Intuitive and requiring no special tools, this connection technology is perfect for compact installations where you need fast and safe cabling.

The connection on the power side is made up of 6 x doubled 6mm² “push-in” spring terminals. The direction of wiring is 180°.

The connection on the control side is made up of 5 x poles 2.5mm² “push-in” pluggable spring terminals. The direction of wiring is also 180°.

Four independently controlled AC output Solid State Relays in a single industry standard package

Ready to use model mounted on heatsink

It is a complete unit which consist of a 4 channels Solid State Relay plus optimized heatsink, and is therefore ready to use. This version offers defined rated currents to make selection as easy as possible.

Part number SMQR9623410-WFF05 can switch 4x18A @40°C in air calm (according to the thermal curve on our datasheet).

What are the typical applications ?

Resistive Loads (AC-51) is the most common application.

celduc 4-Channel Solid State Relays (SSRs) are ideal for limited-space applications.

Four channels Solid State Relays are used for controlling the temperature inside a cooking oven or injection molding machine. Each output can control an individual heating element.

Bakery oven

Plastic injection molding machines

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