Digitization of our workshops for a real-time visibility of our key performance indicators

celduc® relais has installed touch screens in its workshops. Gathering production line data helps display production monitoring indicators and other indicators in real-time on these touch screens.

Communicating our Strategic objectives to employees and developing / sustaining employees engagement is a key challenge for our management. A real-time visibility of our key performance indicators is essential. It allows employees to evaluate and react according to the results obtained, with the goal of continuous improvement process.

The Metrics to Measure

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), scrap manufacturing metrics (scrap rates and costs), daily turnover, etc. are permanently tracked and communicate to employees.

Using touch-screen tablets for real-time updates

In addition, each workstation has touch-screen tablets with dynamic real- time data to keep workers updated. They also have to scan a barcode to record each operation and, if necessary, mention the problems faced.

Real-time updates of technical data-sheets and/or production files are carried out and supported directly.

What are the expected benefits ?

These improvements make it possible to continuously optimize various aspects of our processes : improving the responsiveness in our production operations, optimizing costs and maximizing quality….

Globally we notice positive employee feedback and they appreciate our transparency and share of real-time information. It creates a virtuous circle : keeping employees motivated and actively engaged. Implementing a real-time feedback circuit creates transparency where employees feel connected to their management.