More than 2 million celpac® Solid State Relays used worldwide !

Behind the scenes, the solid state relay is an essential component for switching load-current in industrial installations (heating, motors, lighting, …). This is precisely for this reason that at celduc® relais, research and development is an integral part of our innovation strategy.

celpac® 2G series solid state relays offer a compact solution without compromising on performance or reliability. Available with a wide range of input and output options with either an AC or DC output, in a slim 22.5mm width package, the celpac® family is the most versatile relays in the market.

Two configurations are available in order to offer you multiple connection options :

-SA product family

This product family has a screw-mounted connection on the power side and the control side. It includes a transparent protective cover (IP20).

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-SU product family

This product family has pluggable connectors on the input terminals. SU solid state relays are supplied with a removable 2 terminal screw connector on the control connection (other types of connectors are available on request). These products include removable protective flaps (IP20).

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Advantages of celpac® 2G series of solid state relays :

1- Fast and Simple connections and installations :

Celduc wish to offer to its customers a simplified selection and installation. In fact, the integrated heatsink eliminates the need for thermal calculation.

Furthermore spring input connectors option is available for simplified wiring.

2- A small footprint

With an installation width of only 22.5 mm, our celpac® solid state relays and contactors take up minimal space, allowing you to build more compact control cabinets.

3- Highly flexible and reliable design compatible with both resistive and most inductive loads

celpac® Solid State Relays & Contactors are designed for most types of applications requiring reliability and long service life because of high switching frequencies : temperature regulation, motor control.

4- Built with high quality components and celduc TMS² technology & innovation

They are the most powerful and versatile solid state relays in a 22.5mm package you can find on the market today !

celduc’s Solid State Relays are manufactured with the TMS² Wire Bonding technology. The copper clips, used for the standard Copper Bridge Technology, are replaced by a multitude of bonding wires with several anchor points that can withstand significant overload currents.

While Copper bridge Technology is difficult to automate, Wire bonding Technology is fully automatic, giving rise to total control of the production process. In addition, the connections between the wires and the chip are tested after connection (pull test) and by sampling (pull and shear tests). This increases the product’s reliability.

Back-to-back thyristor

5- Optional modules to add additional functionality

We offer 2 options that can be clipped directly on SU/SUL/SUM products :

SSR with a fieldbus Interface

– ESUC : Current Monitoring module for a rapid fault detection (instantaneous alarm)

With this module, you can add to your Solid State Relay diagnostic information for up to 5 heaters in parallel with :

  • Permanent load current monitoring,
  • Current teaching function,
  • 2 alarm thresholds (+/- 16%)
  • Partial load break detection,
  • Open load detection,
  • SSR short circuit detection.

Download the technical data-sheet of our ESUC Module

– ECOM : Temperature controller PID, current monitor and communication interface in one unit

The 2nd module we offer is the ECOM temperature controller enabling a real-time monitoring via an RS485 link and  MODBUS RTU protocol.

Combine with our Solid State Relays SU/SUL and SUM you make the most of your SSR by adding :

  • Communication Interface via an RS485 link and MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Load status and relay diagnostics
  • Current monitoring up to 50A with current transformer
  • Temperature measurement, PID control and alarms

Download the technical data-sheet of our ECOM Module

Main features of celpac® range 

Here are the main features of our celpac® range, with all the features you liked, plus much more:

  • Up to 75A / 690VAC
  • AC or DC input voltage
  • Zero voltage control (zero cross relay) or instantaneous control (random relay)
  • Versions with internal protection by RC snubber are available
  • Overvoltage protection is available as either a VDR (MOV)  connected across the output terminals of the SSR or a TVS in series with the gates of the thyristor
  • Conforms to a wide range of internationally recognized standards and certification : cRUus, CE, UKCA, VDE and EAC

To summarize, our celpac® range is easy to install, easy to use, robust and multipurpose

If you want to choose the product that matches your specific needs, view our solutions – Download here our full product selection guide catalogue.