A new field has just been added to our activities at celduc relais: the SMD (Surface Mounted Devices). A new Strategic Activity Domain providing us with the best agility and quality level. A real added-value leading to serve our customers and partners in the best way.

Thanks to these new technological investments, we will continue to improve our whole manufacturing process and to master our production from A to Z. We are proving once again our avant-garde vision, referring to competitors!

It’s about a brand-new complete production line, equipped with the latest technologies and quality control units in this field:

Automatic PCB destacker loaders which can automatically transport electronical PCBs “FROM” or “TO” the subsequent modules.


– An RoHs cream printing-jet machine: more precise comparing to the traditional serigraphy process and quicker while setting up a new production.

RoHs cream printing jet machine

– A double head pick-and-place module: which can handle a wide range of components with uncompromising production quality, total stock accuracy and complete traceability down to the individual component serial number.

Pick and place Pick and place machine

– An SMT Reflow Oven for Large PCB and Dual Lane Reflow Soldering. A high quality oven with many celduc SSR inside.

Reflow oven

– An automated Optical Inspection for a 100% control inspection. This, in the aim to maintain our high quality products.

optical inspection

The machines and the process being in place since a couple of months, we have already proceeded with the setup. After many adjustments and operators’ training, the new automated production line is now operational to work on your orders.

Thanks to MYCRONIC and HELLER groups.

Please see our video presentation.